A typical day

Break time.

I was immersed in work yesterday.  But before I got myself deep into the thick of it; I head out to the park with Elsa.  We were there earlier than normal; it was my day off from the gym, my body needed a rest.  Funny how you see different people when you switch things up.  The traffic was lighter and the air cooler, very nice for a walk.  There were no dogs at the park, strange; so Elsa got a big heap of exercise in.  As we speed walked around the park I realized how slow Luke walks now; the difference between Elsa and him is getting larger by the day.  He's doing great but when you are out and about doing things that require endurance you can really notice the difference.  We were in an out in a flash; hopped into the Xterra and headed for home. 

Luke was waiting for us when we arrived.  I heard the all too familiar thumping of his tail as he propped his head up and over the back of the couch.  He was in his spot, it is usually where he is.  Even when we moved the couch to Connecticut; turned it around and put it into a new house, the spot remained the same.   The boy loves his spot on the couch and if someone happens to sit there he will stand and stare at them until I ask that person or dog to kindly move out of Luke's spot.  What a funny guy he is.  No sooner was I home and it was time to go again.   Elsa thought that it was time to eat as she ran into the kitchen; turning and looking over her shoulder to see if I was coming, she stopped in her tracks.  She stared as I told Luke that it was walk time.  "What?" was all over her face "we aren't eating?"  I told her that it was "just Luke," and her body slumped as the realization sunk in.   Fully understanding that she was not coming with Luke and I she stood at the top of the stairs, watching us go out the door.  But I immediately heard her thunderous feet run up the stairs and into my office.  She has to watch us drive away from the office window.  The same window she will be at as we pull back into the driveway.   

Luke and I hit a different park; it is closer to home and there are less off leash dogs there.  I am beyond careful with Luke when around off leash dogs; it would take the slightest of bumps to knock him to the ground and be injured.  I also like that I have a really great visual in this particular park; I can see anyone coming for a very far distance.  We made our way around the park, listening to the crows and parrots (there are colonies of green parrots in Southern California) compete for squawking rights.   He sniffed, sniffed and sniffed some more.  These Luke walks are all about stopping and smelling the roses.  With the fast pace of life today an old dog can make you stop; slow down and enjoy the moment.  There is nothing like walking an old dog; watching him go from bush to bush makes me smile.  When he sees another dog across the park he stops; watches quietly and then we move on. 

As we pull into the driveway, Elsa watches.  Then before we can get into the house she is downat the door waiting.  She gives Luke the royal greeting that he has gotten use to.  She sniffs every inch of him as she figures out where we've been and who we've seen.  Now it is time for breakfast, with Elsa leading the way she turns once again glancing over her shoulder to make sure I'm coming.  She waits patiently as I cut up their meat and then it's outside for breakfast in the sun.  Of course Luke takes forever to get started; it is what he does.  I get the butter out and add some on top of his food; he likes when he is fussed over, he is a true Momma's boy.  Once they've eaten it's time for my breakfast and off to work. 

Where I go, Luke and Elsa go.  They sleep the day away in my office and if I should get up for any reason, they come along.  By late afternoon, my neck throbbed from sitting in the same position too long; I felt a nudge under my left arm.  Without looking, I knew who it was immediately; she always lets me know when it is time to take a break.  I spun around in my chair and scooped her up like she weighed 10 lbs.  Even though Elsa weighs only a few pounds more than Luke she feels a good 100 pounds heavier.  She spilled over the edge of the chair and we had a quick snuggle.  It was time to head outside and toss the ball.  Of course Elsa led the way.