Pulled in all directions

I was reading about a new product for dogs.  It, like many others was claiming to be the greatest thing ever!  Touted as the newest and most innovative product around.  Hmmmmmm, then I looked further.  Ahhhh... a pyramid product, no thank you.  I just cannot look further when I find out that it is a pyramid product.  The people selling it are so passionate about their product; oddly passionate until you find out what drives them.  Money, money, money.  Of course everyone wants to make money; I am no different, but I cannot push something that I am truly not passionate about.  But that's me.

There are so many products available today for our dogs; no matter what the need, you can find a product to fix it.  Food, supplements, grooming products, gear and the list goes on and on.  I like to see it all; I am a need to know type of person.  When a new study comes out with regard to the health for our dogs, I'm all over it.  This is where our opinion lies, I look at it; weigh out the information and make an opinion.  My opinion.  But I always want to know more.

Food and feeding our dogs is mind boggling isn't it?  Between the big dog food companies advertising on television with their fancy schmancy advertisements to the people promoting vegan diets for dogs and everything in between.  Kibble, cooked, raw or a combination, what the heck are you to do.  You are to do what you feel right about doing.  Of course I think that everyone should read and research but lots of people just like to go with what their Veterinarian says, the lady at the pet food store or their dog loving neighbor down the street.

If the whole food thing isn't confusing enough; now the world of supplements has ventured into our best friends lives.  Been to a health food store recently?  Talk about confusion as you walk into the supplement isle.  Plastic bottles filled with health, or are they?  How much good can you pack into a processed substance that is shoved into a tiny capsule?  Well the health folks think that it is a great idea.  But where do you draw the line at supplements?

I am a pretty simple person and as such I like to look at things in the simplest form.  I like to picture us and our dogs eating the way that we are meant to eat.  Before all the huge companies came along to assist us with processing everything good and putting it into a package of some sort.  Eat real good food and be healthy.  Imagine a wolf standing in the woods eating a meal; what are they eating?  Meat, maybe some grass or berries or weeds.

This is all getting too confusing, no wonder people just grab a bag of dog food and call it good.  Who has time to learn it all and feel good about a choice other than what the big guys are saying about their dog food?  I say keep it simple and real.  There are supplements that I use like salmon oil, because I don't have a good line on fresh salmon for my dogs.  But no matter what you decide, you need to feel good about it.  We do our best and make our decisions, it is all we can do.  But I say keep it simple, nothing more simple than that, right?