Scratch and dent sale

As I was surfing around the net this morning I noticed several sites that were selling off "damaged" goods.  These were not tech type shops selling computers or TV's; they weren't kitchen appliances or home goods, no these were puppies.  Yep, damaged puppies with an illness or defect of some kind sold for a discounted prices.  The note below the damaged puppies was "will need extra care and financial support."  I thought I was reading it wrong for a second; this had to be a rescue right?  Nope, I reread the page and it was most definitely a Puppy Mill. 

Puppy Mill - A place where dogs are bred strictly for money.  No care is taken with regard to health or care of the breeding dogs, nor the puppies. 

Imagine, just imagine.  Not only is the owner of the Puppy Mill pumping puppies out left and right; but they are selling them off at either full price, marked down or with a major discount depending on the health of the dog.  Wow. 

Of course puppies can get sick, they can be injured or have malformations even with the best breeders.  But what separates a miller from a good breeder is what is done with that puppy.  If several puppies in a litter have health defects then the Mother of that said litter needs to be spayed.  The ill puppies need to be cared for by the breeder.  If someone is interested in a puppy with an illness they should be offered it at no cost to the individual; being that they there is a good possibility that they will have to invest a great deal of money to help the dog.  The puppy should not be sold at a discounted rate due to scratches and dents. 

When someone decides to breed dogs; there are all sorts of reasons behind that decision.  One major one is money and I have seen the worst of them who do it for money.  But not all people who do it for money are as obvious as others.  Some have cute little websites that show clean puppies for sale.  Others even keep the dogs in their homes.  But when the bottom line is money then corners will be cut.  It is just how it is.  Standards are lowered both with the health and care of the puppies and who the puppies are sold to. 

In the mind of a Puppy Miller, puppies are a product.  They produce the product and sell it, that's it.  Much the same as people who produce inferior products to sell; knowing full well that it is a bad product and will break.  They don't care, all they care is that they get your money in their hand.  I was appalled reading about ill puppies being sold for a discount.  The standard of a good breeder is extremely high; they will not bend nor cut corners to save a buck.  Their code of ethics is a one for any breeder to strive for.  Scratch and dent sale on damaged goods?  Disgusting, just disgusting.