Celebration time.

The face of The Standard Poodle FB, the one and only 'Luke.'  :)

I don't normally blog on Sundays; but when I do, it is for a very good reason.  Today is a special day.  Yes I know the Super Bowl is today but this is even more special; well at least to me it is.  My 'The Standard Poodle' Facebook group hit the 10,000 mark.  I started the group back on May 26, 2009 and never imagined in less than 5 years it would grow to this number of Standard Poodle  (or spoo) lovers.  I  never had a goal as far as numbers when I started; it was just a place where I thought that lovers of the breed could come together.  Well, come together we have and our members come from all around the world.

Via social media I have met so many people who I now call friends.  Some of these wonderful people I have got to meet in person, which is amazing.  Through this group of 10,000, people can share, learn and help others.  People love to talk about what they love; and on this group it is all about our spoos.   You know that I love all dogs; but I have lived with Standard Poodles for 30 years.  They hold a special place in my heart.  The commonality of the group is our spoos.  Just imagine being able to share a common interest with people in Africa, Australia, Ireland and everywhere else in the world.  I never imagined I'd be able to talk to and get to know all of these people and their amazing dogs.

We have a lot of happy moments and some very, very sad ones on the group.  But we all come together to help when we can.  Some of my proudest moments have been when the group comes together to find a home for a spoo in need; or help raise funds for an owner in need.  Having the ability to share with so many people with common interests is pretty great.  Sure social media has it's problems but is has it's greatness as well.  It has made the world a much smaller and more accessible place. 

I have one simple rule for the group and that is to be kind.  Any rude or mean people get the boot; and it has worked well over the years.  There have been less than a handful of people removed which is pretty amazing.   Everyone shares photos, their stories, experience and life with the other spoo lovers.

So, here is to The Standard Poodle FB group; you are an amazing bunch of folks and I for one am proud to say that I know you all.  I have loved getting to know you, your spoos and your family.  When you are celebrating the 'big game' today; raise a glass for yourself and our 'big group.'