Rage and revenge.

                                               Tell others!

"I want them to pay," the email says.  The folks who lost their dog due to horrific conditions of a puppy mill are enraged and rightly so.  They've contacted me and want help.  How can they make these people pay?  How can they shut them down?  I get requests from people needing the same sort of assistance all the time.  They've been duped by a bad breeder and now they want them to pay. 

The company never shipped their goods; they paid good money and now have nothing to show for it.  Another private message comes in to me explaining how the sender was to receive a fat check for directing referrals to a business; that check never came.  It truly is mind boggling, how many dubious people are out there these days.  Private or corporate wrong doings; there are lying, cheating humans behind it.  No matter what, who or how; when you've been wronged you may want revenge, or simply justice.   All of the complaints that I hear about are dog related.  Within the world of dogs; there are many people looking to take your money.  Companies or individuals that will promise things that they never intend to honor; of course this can happen in any business, not just the business of dogs.

There are people out there who talk a good talk; but when it comes down to money, everything changes.  These are the dubious ones.  Dishonest and greedy. 

Revenge:  to exact punishment or expiation for a wrong on behalf of.

Sort of the same, but different.  Justice is all most people really need. 

Justice:  the administering of deserved punishment or reward.

There are steps to getting justice.  Of course you can report anyone to the BBB (Better business bureau).  You can report to a number of websites that are specially for complaints about scams.  Then there is the Media, spread the word.  Media loves a story and if you have a good one about ripped off then they will likely grab hold and run with it.  It sometimes feels like we can do nothing after being wronged; but there is always something to be done.  Even one person can bring about change and shine a light on these wrong doers.

Tell people, that above anything else is the direction to take.  Let people know what these people have done.  Don't inflate the reality, tell only facts.  Word of mouth is one of the best ways to advertise something good; it is also a great way to warn people.  The internet has made our big world much smaller.  It is very easy to get a story out and if you feel that you have been wronged; tell it, but tell it honestly. 

When you find something great, share.  If you run into dubious humans, share.