Love to watch a nose in action.

They truly are amazing how they get so much information from one tiny scent.

Today is sort of a dreary, windy and rainy one.  The sun came up bright this morning but it was surrounded by ominous clouds.  Odd for California but also strange this morning was Luke getting up early.  When I jumped out of bed to grab my coffee he followed along.  He's in a very good mood today which is nice to see.  After a quick trip outside we headed back to bed.  As I entered my bedroom, Luke stood staring.  With coffee in hand I ran and placed it down on the nightstand.  He wanted up, a rare moment as well.  So with a big hoist and placing pillows all around him we settled in.  Elsa was still outside, she'd wanted to linger in the morning wind today.  So much to smell with the wind.

Just as I readied to start blogging I heard her bark.  I jumped out of bed to see what she was barking at.  She stood in the middle of the yard, head pointing up towards the sky.  She was getting scents from the wind; they could have been from some distance as we had quite a gusty wind this morning.  I watched her take in the scents and bark every once in a while as she smelled something that didn't smell right to her.  Fascinating.

With one eye on Luke and one on Elsa I slowly slid my patio door open.  Elsa did not hear it but within seconds her nose changed direction; she got a funny face on and looked towards the house.  She smelled me.  Reminded that it was morning snuggle time, no doubt; she took a few more whiffs of the air and dashed in through the dog door.  Sounding very much like a heard of elephants, she appeared in the room at full speed; jamming her brakes on at the last moment, as she waited for her invite.  Once she had that it was up and snuggled down to enjoy the moment.

Dog noses are fascinating.  Both Luke and Elsa will often charge out to the backyard; their noses in the air and barking menacingly.  I wish I could smell what they do; but alas we are mere humans, right?   I challenge Elsa's nose a lot with games of hide'n seek.  She loves it and resembles a Bloodhound as we play.  She uses her nose much like Tilley did.  If she cannot find me she will immediately put her head to the ground and find me very quickly.  She does not muck about; losing sight of me for a moment is not okay with her.  She is constantly watching me so if she loses sight of me by hanging outside too long she goes into overdrive search.  It truly is amazing how she can pick out my fresh footsteps; even though I have probably walked up and down the same path hundreds of times.  In our home with my smell everywhere she can find the freshest scent.

Amazing, simply amazing.  Dogs.