Smelt - great new find.

Bahia Blue goodies

I am always on the lookout for a great new food product, both food and treats.  So when my daughter's fiancé told me about a fish treat he'd found that his dogs loved; I wanted to check it out myself.  I asked if he could bring me some the next time they were over.  He did and was I surprised by Luke's opinion.  First we tried the fish; wild caught Canadian rainbow smelt (not from China).  The whole thing is dehydrated and they look sort of creepy staring up at you when you open the bag.  But I got past that quickly as both Luke and Elsa were pushing and shoving to get a whiff of what was in the bag.  Not only did they want to smell, they wanted to taste.  Luke is not a fish eater, he has never been a big fan of any fish that I have given him.  But, this was different; he LOVED these tiny fish.  Elsa loved they as well but I wasn't surprised by that.

The company that makes these little freeze dried fish is Bahia Blue; which is located here in Southern California.  The name Bahia Blue comes from their first dogs, Blue and Bahia.  Read about them on their website.   Visit them on their Facebook page and give them a like. 

A pic taken from the bottom of a fresh new bag.  Mmmmmmm.

These fish are a great source of Omega 3s, protein and lots more.  What I like is that the source of Omega 3s is the fish itself, it is not processed oil in pill form.  Luke loves these so much that when he was not feeling good, it is all he would eat.  Not only did he eat these but he ate them with amazing gusto; snatching them from my hand as fast as I could pull out another.  I will be keeping these little guys on hand.

Luke's dinner the other night.  He didn't want to eat until I put these on top.  Presto, food gone.  

If those beady little eyes are too much for you; there is the same thing in flake form.  The whole fish, ground to flakes for ease of use.  Great for putting on top of breakfast or dinner.  A wonderful way to add some extra oomph, nutrition wise to a meal.  I love having these little flakes handy.  In fact they came to my rescue just last night.  I was trying my hardest to get Luke to eat, but he wasn't having it.  I told him I was going to put fishies on his food; sprinkled some flakes on and he ate. 

Products available from Bahia Blue

But wait, there's more healthy treats from Bahia Blue.  Sea Biscuits, treats made of dehydrated smelt, sea kelp, sardines, organic rice flour, flax seed  and other great ingredients.  Talk about a nutrition packed treat.

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I feel really good giving these Bahia Blue products to Luke and Elsa and the LOVE them.   A big thank you to my future Son in law for introducing us to these.  I am happy to share them with you all.  Four paws up. 

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