This and that, crazy busy weekend

What a crazy, busy and very wet weekend.  This weekend was my daughter's bridal shower at our house.  Not only did we have a shower, we had torrential rains.  I'm not talking about "wow, look how much it's raining" type; no, I'm talking about the kind of rain where you think that it can't even be possible how much rain is falling.  We had wave after wave after wave.  Walls of water pouring from the sky and overflowing literally everywhere.  There was just no where for the rain to go.  So with that, the bridal shower and only indoor games for Elsa and Penny, it was a very busy weekend.

With some good morning playtime behind them, all three (Luke, Elsa and Penny) were tucked away for the festivities.  It turns out that we had a good old fashion boomer of a thunder storm during the shower which brought the "Shower" idea to a whole different level.  After both the shower and the downpour, everyone headed home.  Luke, Elsa and Penny were then free to join the party and investigate all of the gifts and of course snorfle around for any tidbits that may have been dropped on the floor.  That was pretty much Penny's department. 

With a table full of food, she sat vigilant; waiting for someone to deliver it from the table to her mouth.  She sat for literally an hour in hopes of scoring some of the food left on the table.  Of course she finally did, and all of her patient waiting paid off.  A couple of deviled eggs was more than worth her wait.  Then came more downpours and trying to get the dogs out between them.  Luke was just happy to be back in his spot on the couch.  As is customary, Penny spent much of her time trying to warm up to Luke.  The two are getting along so much better.  Luke is very tolerant of her constant pushing for a bit of returned affection and Penny is trying very hard not to smother him.  It is cute to watch.

Sunday brought with it more rain and lots of indoor games.  Penny is here for a couple of days; so you know what that means, photos.  I believe the rains are now behind us so hopefully they will get some good outdoor time for fun in the sun.  At 6:00 am the girls are already at it.  It is open your eyes and go time.  Penny has turned my laptop off once already by clamoring all over me and Luke has done several Grizzly bear impressions to keep Penny at bay.  It will be another couple of busy days.  Have a great Monday.