A bit of a problem routine

I felt the nudge on my left arm and reached down to feel who it was.  It is the spot where both Luke and Elsa go to talk to me when I am on my computer.  I was writing but Elsa had other plans as she continued to nudge.  I rub her head and applied an ample amount of kisses hoping that it would suffice, nope.  She stood staring, trying very hard to drill her message into my head.  I got it, I knew what she wanted but it's becoming a bit of a problem routine.  For some dogs like Miss Elsa, steadfast routine can become a problem.  Do something the same for a couple of days in a row and your sunk.  So Elsa thinks that around 4:00 pm that I stop working and go out to play.  It is a good time to do her ball tossing as it is usually cooling off; and it gives her a good amount of time to cool down before eating her dinner, BUT. 

I don't like problem routines.  Nothing should be so cast in stone that you cannot function until that activity is performed.   Structure is good, routine, not always.  Some dogs do well with routine but when it starts to become a problem routine; when the dog starts running the show, it needs to change.  Switch it up, after all we run the show right?  (grinning)  I love giving Elsa what she wants but it has to be when I say, not when she bugs me so much that I cave.  I enjoy flexibility in our day; I do not want the ball telling me what and when I have to do something.

It is true, Elsa loves her ball; she loves most balls but her XL orange squeaky Kong tennis ball is her absolute favorite.  It sits on the shelf in the yard and there it stays until I say so.  Today that ball will move; find a new place to live while not being chased or carried around by Elsa.  Then again in a few days more it will have to find another place to live.  Our "ball" time is also going to change; perhaps we will skip today and do something else, maybe work on the skateboard.  But it is changing, I don't like a problem routine.  Tomorrow we will do some retrieving with another toy, perhaps the ever favorite green football thing that Penny loves so much. 

Many dogs do great with routine; it can offer them stability in life, help them get through their day.  Then there are others who need their routine constantly undone.  A routine can put a dog like Elsa in overdrive; always anxious while awaiting the next routine moment.  So then it must be switched up; throw a wrench into the routine.  Routine, schmoutine; who needs it? 

Dogs who are constantly demanding, often have too much routine in their life.  Of course like I said already, some are fine with routine; they are all individuals remember.  Know your dog, know yourself and build your life together accordingly.  For Elsa and I, we need a freestyle type day to day.