A dog Mom

Penny and her wonderful Momma. 

That moment when:

-  you pull the bones out of the fridge.

-   you pick up the tennis ball.

-  you say "do you want to?"

-  you say "who's hungry?"

-  you spell the "hot" words.

-  you invite someone up on the bed.

-  you cut your steak in half.

-  you tuck them in at night.

-   you realize that you are bragging...again.

-  you buy a bigger bed.

-  you do what they want to do.

-  you search an establishment, always looking for the "dog friendly" sign.

-  you make special trips to the grocery store just for them.

-  you buy their favorite food.

-  you nurse them when they are sick.

That moment when you realize that you are a Dog Mom and proud of it.  Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing Dog Momma's that I know.  Have a fabulous day.