Seeing a nice change in the old guy.

I am really seeing a difference in my old man.  For those of you who do not know Luke, he will be 14 years young in August. Since the addition of smelt into Luke and Elsa's diet, I like what I see.  This is truly the first time that I can actually see the difference.  I have noticed something different, a spring that was once gone has now returned.  A glimmer in his eye and a general overall lift.  As someone who is constantly aware of infinitesimal behavior, it is huge.  Every step, turn of the head or hop onto the couch can mean something when it is different, slower or strained.  What I'm seeing is ease.

Food is what makes us and our dogs tick.  You are what you eat as they say; the same goes for our dogs.  What goes in will result in how our dogs feel and act.  As far as nutrition is concerned, I do the best that I can for my dogs.  I try to feed a real food diet to them as much as possible; I am constantly researching nutrition and try to learn what I can.  The problem with most of today's dog food diets is that it is overly processed food; taking all the nutrients out of the product.  That and the fact that many of the foods start out with low grade quality ingredients. 

I am a fan of whole foods so the idea of giving my guys a little fish each day appealed to me.  Now that I am seeing a big difference in Luke, I'm sold.  There is so much information out there on what we should and should not feed our dogs; it can be mind boggling to say the least.  You will get information from every direction possible.  Big dog food companies will sell you stuff in the shape of fish, chicken and veggies; telling you that it contains all of those things.  But how about just feeding fish, chicken and veggies in their real form?  Processing damages nutrients.

I am not telling anyone what they should or should not feed their dogs.  What I do is share what I like and learn, take it or leave it.  Since the addition of these dehydrated smelt from Bahia-Blue; we have noticed a marked improvement with Luke.  As far as I'm concerned that proof is in the pudding.  I am not a fan of vitamins in pill form; I'd much rather eat and feed my dogs vitamins in whole food form.  The less processing the better when it comes to nutrition.