The wolf inside

A snuggle from my wolf in poodle clothing.  Heaven.  :)

Do you ever stop and think how lucky we are?  We get to live with dogs that have evolved from the wolf.  Sometimes while watching a documentary on wolves or big cats where a human is interacting precariously with them, I think to myself just how amazing our relationship is.  We all take it for granted but every so often the idea of living with dogs strikes me as astounding.  Not everyone does it well; there are many people who make mistakes time and time again with their dog/s.  After all if we don't actively learn about dogs then we truly are at a disadvantage as far as the proper ways to live with them, are we not? 

I meet all sorts of dog folks, many have no idea about dogs; the ins and outs of being a canine.  It is a little mind boggling actually.  We have taken a wild animal and brought it into the realm of our human world to live side by side with us.  But lots of people don't take the time to learn about these creatures.  They slap a leash on and call it good, crazy really.  Most people want a dog, very few learn about the dog they have living in their home.  Dogs have needs to be filled, many which are completely unknown to the average human.  But nearly every household has a dog, it seems to be the thing to do.

Those who understand dogs, at least their dogs; make much better canine guardians.  By educating yourself even a little in how a dog works may open up a whole world of greatness.   You can see the wolf inside of your dog; a glimmer of what once was.  It is sheer greatness, power and tenderness.  As I sit between Luke and Elsa while we watch t.v. I am reminded that I am the lucky one.

When they greet me at home coming with gentle face bites I am brought back to the fact that they were once wolves and I get to live with them.  Cool, very cool.