A new walk

Looking good.

Yesterday morning I pondered on where to take Luke for his little saunter.  I knew that our main drive street was closed due to a marathon that was going on so we couldn't go to several of our normal spots.  I thought of where I use to take Jessie and Tilley when they were 14 and 15; just before we moved East.  The parking lot at a school near by us.  It's not just a parking lot; it is surrounded by trees and green space, not a lot but enough to walk around on.  The added bonus is that it is entirely fenced except for a couple of in and out spots and there are squirrels.  I'd forgotten about the squirrels until we were pulling in; that unmistakable shrieking made me smile and I knew that it would make Luke happy.  
 At almost 14 years old now; he can't walk too far and I worry about anyone hassling him.  Heaven forbid we should run into a dog like the one that attacked Elsa; let's just say that it would not be pretty.  As our dogs age, it becomes more and more important for them to enjoy life, a safe life that is.  My Momma Grizzle bear kicks into overdrive and life's little pleasures become more important.  So taking him to an area that is new to him, fenced in and has squirrels is primo.  

No sooner were we out of the car when the shrieking began.  Luke's entire body tightened, his ears perked and he stood frozen, listening.  Something in that shrieking sound stirred the primal dog in him; it's been a long time since a squirrel enticed him into a chase.  He stood for a long time (photo above); taking in the warning sounds of the squirrel.  Stalking squirrels was one of Luke's all time favorite things; we use to make a special trip to the harbor just for that very reason. 

We headed over to the source where he sniffed around.  The squirrels had run for cover and were now under a building but continued their screaming.  Luke and I wandered the full perimeter of the lot while listening to the sounds of the squirrels.  With new scents all around; the sound of shrieking squirrels and trees to mark, he was one happy camper.  We weren't there long before the foot dragging started so we made our way back to the car.  We'll be back, screaming squirrels are good for the old soul.  :)