The art of listening

Did you hear that?  Maybe not, if you weren't listening that is.  Are you a good listener or are you the type that likes to do all the talking?  The art of listening is a very special one; it will serve you well in many different ways throughout life.  Take a Veterinarian for example, many do not listen.  But the good ones who know that owners know all about their dogs, listen.  As a dog trainer, it is extremely important for me to listen.  There are things that canine guardians will tell me that can assist me in my work.  Being a good listener, a really good listener will also offer you information that is unsaid.  Something that an owner says or doesn't say can offer a plethora of insight into a situation.

Many people who are in some sort of canine business, be it a trainer, photographer, store owner, dog food manufacturer, accessory designer or what have you, need to be good listeners.  Do you know what your clients want?  Have you taken the time to really listen?  I don't mean just look like you are listening; really listen and hear what they are saying? 

Listening is an art.  Along with watching our dogs we need to listen to them.  With each being an individual; they all have something very different to say.  Our dogs do actually make sounds that are important; do you hear them, are you listening?  Dogs communicate via body language but also lots and lots of sounds.  They make sounds so low and quiet that if you aren't really listening, you'll miss.  I love to listen to the sounds of my dogs; from the happy, frustrated, anxious and everything in between, our dogs say a lot. 

When you speak, do you listen to what is said back to you?  That reaction which is returned can often help you to alter what you say next.  But people who don't listen well, don't understand this.  Words just continue to spew out of their mouth with no regard to what the other person thinks or has to say about anything.  Have you ever considered just sitting back and not speaking?  It is amazing what you hear when you set your mind to listening. 

In the world of communication, listening is a far more integral part than speaking.  If you aren't listening then much of the communications will be lost on you.  Yes we all have something to say; but what you say will have more impact if you are listening to what others have to say.  Your communications can deliver so much more if you have listened to those who will be listening to you. 

Are you a good listener?