To all the amazing Dad's out there.

Happy Father's Day weekend to all the amazing dog Dads.  There is nothing more attractive than a man who loves his dog.  A Dad who gives his time, devotion, protection, loyalty and love to his one and only canine/s.   I happen to live with one of these amazing dog Dads.  Luke and Elsa hit the jackpot of Dad's with theirs.  He too is one lucky Dad to have the privilege of living with Luke and Elsa.  Theirs is a very special relationship.

To the all Dads who grab the leash and head out after a hard day of work.  The Dads that pick out special toys and treats for their dog.  To the Dads who choose to do what their dog/s wants to do because that is what they want to do.  The Dads who rent a movie instead of going out to a movie so that they can spend the night with their dog/s.  To the Dads who know when something just isn't right and to those who know when something is.  All the Dads who just sit, enjoying a moment with their best friend.  To those of you who have learned the intensity of the human/canine connection.  For the Dads who have learned that it truly is the little things in life that are important.  To all the Dads out there who have a special place in their heart for their one and only canine.  This is your weekend, you deserve it, celebrate.