Who's coming over?

Guess who's coming over to play?  So cute, I love that Elsa knows her friends by name.

A sea of gold.

Lucy peaking.

Kisses for Lucy.

Now it's WWF time.

A little leg chomp.

A fraction of a second of quiet time for Elsa. 

Game on again.

Lucy is loosening up.  

We don't call Elsa "The Crusher" for nothing.


Lucy, not impressed.

Just kidding. 

Pinned again.

Zoom time.

Fly by.

Elsa misses the mark.

There she goes.

Caught, another pin.

Quick rest.

Glowing Golden. 

Chill time. 

Seems that Lucy liked this ball almost as much as Elsa. 

Of course she caught it.

Love this sequence of shots.  The difference between fun retrieving and Elsa type retrieving.  

Eye has never left the ball.


Of course. 

Very serious girl faces while Luke is just happy to be a part of the gang.  

Close, but no cigar.


And she's spent.