Listening to Luke

Elsa keeping a close eye on what's going on.

I was getting ready for the gym; my typical morning routine is that I hit the gym, then we go for our walk.  When I took the dogs out in the yard first thing this morning; Luke was hanging close, too close.  He was shadowing me which is not typical for the morning.  Both he and Elsa usually have a quick pee and it's back into the house for their morning snack.  Not this morning; something was different.  I head upstairs to get my gym clothes on and when I came out of the bathroom he was there, I knew.  Luke thought he was going to have a seizure.  How do I know?  He always comes to get me; and if I'm not around, he will get whoever is and let them know.  He starts to shake and needs to be close.  Being that I had some good lead time I got him up onto my bed so that I could be comfortable during the episode.

We waited, he panted and shook.  I reached over to the cookie jar to see if he'd eat some of his favorite cookies, he did.  They are homemade cookies with no sugar, no wheat; just good substantial protein.  He ate a few cookies; not normal at all for pre-seizure.  Hmmmmm, but he thought that something was coming.  He continued his "Mom location assurance," touching my face with his and staring at me.  I told him over and over again "Mommy's right here."  He wants to know that I am there; even though he can see me he needs to feel me.  I hopped up onto the bed and wrap myself around him.

I decided to skip the gym to spend the morning with Luke and Elsa.  Even if he wasn't really having a seizure; he most definitely was not himself.  So we will all go for a walk together at some point this morning.

Here is a video I took while waiting for the seizure to come.  The couple of head swings that he does is because he thinks my movement means that I am leaving.  He needs to be right with me when he thinks that he is going to have a seizure.

It is now a half hour later and no seizure.  He is relaxing in the office as I type; although he stills panics if I move.  No more panting, shaking or anything except for a feeling of needing me by his side.  He has got up a couple of times to check that the body in the chair is indeed me; then goes and lays down again.  I'm listening to him; something is telling him that things are not normal today.   Did he perhaps have a very mild seizure that was not at all like his previous ones?  Maybe.  He is acting like he has had a seizure.  He has now gone into my bedroom to check; he always goes back to check the scene of the crime.

Epilepsy can change with time; it can get worse, better or just change.  Perhaps it is becoming far less intense for Luke which would be a good thing.  Whatever is going on, I'm listening.