A big birthday

Fourteen years ago today, a puppy was born that would change my life forever.  Little did I know he would single pawedly have such a huge effect on myself and all the humans in his life.  Luke is one of those dogs that comes into your life  if you are lucky.  We met completely by chance; and from the moment our eyes met, that was it.  It was love at first sight and there was no going back.  For nearly fourteen years now, Luke has been my constant shadow and teacher.  There has never been another dog that has taught me so much about the complexity of the canine species. 

He is special, if there was one word to describe Luke, that would be it, SPECIAL.  There is a quiet confidence in his very being that both human and canine alike are able to see.  Luke has been through a great deal over the years; with the biggest life transition being the loss of his lifelong companions.  But with Elsa's help he overcame that and kept on trucking.  Today is his day and I on this Saturday, August 16, 2014 we celebrate his 14th birthday with great excitement. 

How lucky we are for that fateful day we met.