First buggy ride

Looks like a little tent.  

Honestly, how cute is he?

So, our first trip out with the new Luke mobile is complete.  It went much like I thought it would; although Luke was more relaxed than I thought he would be.  He in no way enjoyed his first trip; but merely tolerated what Mom wanted him to do.  He stressed a bit but not enough to not accept and eat treats which is a huge telltale for stress.  

When we got to the park I left Luke in the back of the Xterra until I got the stroller back together.  I told Luke as I struggled to put it together that I would get faster with each time.  Once done I let Luke out and we walked a good way with him out of the stroller.  He loves his walks, lifting his leg and smelling everything in sight.  But when he started to drag his feet (literally) I rolled the stroller onto the grass and began the "getting Luke in" process.  

I tried just asking him to get in, wasn't happening.  I tried coaxing him with treats that I tossed into it, wasn't happening.  He was not going to get in himself; as I already knew would happen.  I zipped up the back section and opened up the front.  He was going to have to be put in; not something I wanted to do but at 14 years of age he's pretty set in his ways.  I scooped him up and backed him into it and lay him down.  He let out a few stressed huffs and I told him to stay, which he surprisingly did.  I thought that he'd be on his feet and trying to get out immediately.  

I zipped up the screen and off we went.  The stroller wheels and turns beautifully.  I stopped many times to give Luke treats while he tolerated his ride.  He was slightly stressed; but mostly miffed by the whole thing.  He didn't enjoy it at all.  At one point he sat up and stuck his head out the window; which made me happy to see him moving around inside.  I kept the first outing short and sweet; well maybe not so sweet but short.  

Back at Xterra I very calmly let him out the front and he got very goofy; huffing with happiness to be out of the stroller.  Our first excursion complete; he survived and I was happy that he didn't freak out.  I had thought the minute that I started to move; he'd freak out, but he didn't.  He didn't even care when I had to lean the stroller back a bit to go up the sidewalk.  All in all a good first trip out for Luke.  I got an injury on our first trip; I pinched my finger a good one when putting the stroller together and was bleeding everywhere.  I'd got a really hard pinch which created a blood blister that burst.

I'll get better at this, it's just going to take some time.