Simba, Lucy's new brother.

Introducing, Mr. Simba.  

You all know Lucy, Elsa's friend?  Simba is Lucy's new little brother.  Here she is teaching him about the ball; how it is hers and he is never to touch it.  

She does love her ball, especially a new one.  

Poetry in motion.  

The things we don't see unless stopped in time.  

Look Mom, no paws.  

Little man spots me crouched down with my camera.  

Living up to his name.

Some steps seem very big when you are only 8 weeks old.  

Prize possession.  

Following big sisters lead.  

Honestly, how cute is he?

Such a little man, but not for long.  

Simba with his new Mom.  

Small things tucker out little boys.

 A great dog in the making.