Accidents happen

It is difficult to see the bulk of it as she is sitting on it.  But you can see the polish on her tail and hind end.  Still shaking my head.

Glancing over at Elsa snuggled up on my bed this morning; I am shaking my head and laughing.  She's covered in nail polish; a dark grey color, mixed with an iridescent blue.  Her tail, her butt, down one side of her all got hit when my nail polish bottle flew off of my night table last night.  Nice.  I like to paint my nails before bed; it is a time when I actually have a few moments to let them dry.  I have done this for years and years; ever since my teenage days when my nails had to be a different color everyday, geesh.  So there I was about to apply my second coat; I grabbed the bottle by the lid which I forgot to twist on and it plunges to the floor. 

Freaking out, I flip on the light to see what damage I've done.  Great, all over the carpet.  Well, in all honesty the carpet had to go already.  The carpet is a taupe color which is the color of nail polish  I had planned on using until I could not get the stupid lid off.   So I'd had to go back in the bathroom and choose something different, dark grey with iridescent blue, charming.  No hiding this stuff, it looks like ink has been thrown across the carpet.  At this point I notice Elsa has jumped up onto my bed and is rubbing her face on the pillows; she hates the smell of nail polish and usually sneezes while rubbing her face.  Then it dons on me, did it get on her?  I call her off to check and see that she was indeed splattered and she is quite upset about it.  Not only is on the carpet and Elsa but it is now on my bed.  Thankfully only on the protective sheet that I keep on top of my bed; for moments like this or anything else undesirable. 

Into the bathroom we head as I start to rub it off her.   My idea is to get as much off so that it can at least dry; I realize there is no way to get it off without nail polish remover, which WILL NOT be used.  She will be getting a trim today; she has a great deal of nail polish on her rear end making it appear that she has had quite a horrible accident.  Hopefully I will be able to get most of it off without completely shaving her down.  The great thing is that it's just hair, it will grow and I will continue to cut it.  The carpet, well it has to go; and for anyone who knows me, knows I hate carpet in the first place. 

So I gave Elsa one million apologies and kisses; I laughed and we went to bed.  Good grief.