Going backwards?

We have some strange stuff going on here at the Regalbuto house.  Last week as I sat typing at the computer; Elsa nudged my arm, which is very common behavior.  I looked down and saw that she had a funny face on; and asked her "what?"  Typically she will look at me, then the door when she wants me to go downstairs.  She just drilled those little black buttons into my head; she was trying to tell me something.  I typed a few words and she nudged again.  Pushing my chair back I happened to glance to the right where Luke lay on the dog bed.  He had a mound of tissue in his mouth and was preparing for destruction.  What the??????????????  Elsa had clearly ratted him out.  The nervous look she had on her face was now very clear.  I threw the chair back and yelled "HEEEYYYY," which he didn't hear but he did see me coming and dropped it.  

Hmmmmmmm???????????? I asked him a bunch of questions; including one about knowing that he was indeed fourteen years old and not six months old.  Luke doesn't chew things and he doesn't get things out of the garbage; what was going on and where did he get this mound of tissue from?   "Crazy old man," I said to him as we passed in the hallway.  That afternoon I was in my bedroom when I heard some noise from the bathroom.  I looked up to see Luke's rear end sticking out of the door with his head stuck in the garbage.  Really?  What the heck?  Of course I am considering that this may be the onset of dementia; I am hoping that it is nothing but a little craziness from an old man.  I don't think I'm up to another round of dementia again; it is one of the worst things we gone through with our dogs.  But his behavior is strange.  

Since that first tattle tale moment of Elsa's; Luke has been in the garbage quite a bit.  So much so that we have had to now lift the bathroom garbage.  Luckily it is just this one and no others so far.  He has also displayed some other changes in behavior as of late as well.  Restlessness at bedtime is one; he acts like he's had several cups of coffee and takes quite a long time to settle, very different.  He has also decided that he would like to dig a spot in the backyard; something else that he NEVER does.  He will even sneak over to the spot hoping not to be caught.  When he is caught he just gets goofy and runs into the house.  

Nothing is really serious but knowing my boy like I do; I will keep a close eye on these new changes.  Hopefully like I said, it is just him being a crazy old man.  :)