"His" spot.

It's all about comfort.

Things have been changing with alarming speed these days; with regard to Luke issues, that is. Slowly I have been adding more dog beds to our home.  We once had at least one or two dog beds in every single room of the house.  After Tilley and Jessie passed; we were down to only a few beds here and there.  Many of the beds were old and needed to be tossed; once gone they were not replaced.  Luke and Elsa use the couch mostly; both in the living room and the family room so I only had beds outside, in my office and bedroom.  There are now beds everywhere once again. 

The last and most significant change has been in the family room.  Luke has always made it quite clear that it is his favorite spot in the house.  He loves nothing more than when we all head down to the family room for tv. time.  He has his spot on the couch, animal print blankie and all; a blanket that has been "his" blanket for a very long time.  There is a large cushion under the blanket where he likes to prop up when he sleeps.  Well, recently that too has changed.  I purchased a nice foam pad and placed it right beneath "his" spot; giving him an option of where to sleep.  Lately he has been choosing the floor and the foam pad over "his" spot.   I propped three large cushions behind his spot so that he could lean up against them, he loves that.  But something just didn't seem right. 

Last night as we sat watching an episode of Boardwalk Empire; Luke seemed a little restless.   He used the bed then got up; stared at the couch then lay on the floor again.  My husband grabbed Luke's special cushion and blanket and placed it on the new foam pad at one end.  This made it just like the couch where Luke loved to spend hours on.  Luke literally ran over when he saw this and plopped himself down immediately; he rubbed his head on the cushion and licked his blanket.  It was quite obvious how happy he was about the change.  It was like he was in "his" spot minus the leap onto the couch.  I had been keeping "his" spot on the couch in case he wanted it; the step I couldn't take away from him, just in case.  But it was a step that had made him so happy; you just couldn't watch him and not know how happy this one small change had made him.  He rubbed his head on his pillow for a longtime before slipping quickly into his twitching. 

Well, there it is, another very big step in the transition of life.  Luke seems quite happy about it; now that his new "spot" has been made into "his spot."  I watched him for sometime, smiling; he was most definitely happy about this new change.  How can you not watch an old dog as they sleep so comfortable and sound and not smile?  It is what it is all about, the little things; and this small change meant a lot.  Living with an old dog is a gift; making sure that their golden years are golden is a time that we are gifted with giving.  I love adore my crazy old man.  :)