Hot, hot, hot

September is upon us; and here in SoCal that means that it is HOT, really, really hot.  I hate September weather here as it climbs up into the 100s, no thank you.  Many other areas are starting to feel the cooler weather of fall as it slowly arrives; but we deal with the heat.  Yesterday I opted out of a my morning workout and walking the dogs in lieu of a grooming session and bath for both.  I can't get everything done in a day and with the hot temps I wanted to get it done early.  This morning I am up at 5:30, hoping that I can get Elsa out before it gets too hot to get out.

I remember when we lived back in Canada; during the summer months I always dreamt of fall and the days that I could hike for miles and miles with a jacket on, I love fall weather.  With a nip in the air, the smell of apples and leaves whipped up by a brisk wind; yes I love fall in the north.  Walking your dog through the trees as you listen to the crunch beneath your feet.  Even our dogs seem to love the sound of running through leaves as much as we do; energized by the sound alone. 

Okay, back to reality; I'm up early to beat the heat.  But not everyone is up early to get their dogs out before it heats up.  It still amazes me when I see people out in the heat with their dogs.  Jogging down the street as the sweat pours down and their dog is nearly ready to pass out.  PEOPLE, if you want to run in 100 degree weather, fine; don't make your dog go with you.  I am all about enjoying time together but when it is in the high 90s and into the 100s LEAVE THEM AT HOME IN THE AC. 

Don't leave your dog out in the yard all day; DO NOT TAKE THEM IN THE CAR WITH YOU on your errands.  Do not go for a walk anytime other than VERY EARLY or VERY LATE.  Last night I fed the dogs very early so that around 8:00 pm I could toss the ball outside for Elsa.  We went out for two tosses and went back in the house, it was still too hot.  Elsa's ball tossing games finished in the house where it was nice and cool. 

We called it a night early; turned the portable AC unit on in the bedroom and all enjoyed the luxury of sleeping in a cool room while the heat remained outside.  When it's hot, things must change; especially where our dogs are concerned.  What we want to do in the heat is one thing; what our dogs want to do is another.  Dogs tend to be much smarter than us when it comes to heat.  Left to themselves they will dig a hole in the shade of a tree and spend the day there.  While their not so brilliant owner says "let's go for a run." 

Think before you step out into the heat with your dog.  Honestly!!!!