My dogs let me know.

Very surprised to find this guy in the dishwasher.

Yesterday we were going about our normal routine; downstairs, through the kitchen and out for the first pee in the morning.  (Luke and Elsa that is)  As we made our way to the door Elsa dropped her head and sniffed under the dishwasher; I assumed it was a cricket until she intensified her sniff, then I knew.  I knew that something other than a cricket had crossed underneath the dishwasher.  Luke and Elsa are good, really good at sniffing. Luke has always been good at it, read blog below. 

Blog on Luke's sniffing

Elsa on the other hand is more than good at scenting, she LOVES it.  I was laughing at her love of scenting just this morning when I went upstairs while she was outside.  She does not like losing track of me and will immediately throw her nose to the ground until she locates me.  I was in my bedroom and as she came tearing up the stairs I was in clear view but she continued her scenting right up to my foot.  She could have easily seen me but she loves to scent; we will begin her scent work shortly if we can find a class that is close to us.  For now we are working on our own; working together on learning new things like we do often.  

Yesterday, later in the day I was back in the kitchen and quickly opened the dishwasher to put a few more dishes in.  I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the little guy shown above.  This is who Elsa had smelled; crazy isn't it, what dogs can smell?  I assume that lizards smell pretty bad; maybe not though, maybe they smell good, doubt it.  Elsa clearly knew that he was in and around the dishwasher; she had let me know that earlier in the day.  I don't mind lizards but I'm not a big fan of being startled by them.  These guys with the long tails sort of creep me out; but, I did capture him and bring him to safety before turning the dishwasher on.  I wasn't happy about picking him up; even inside of a dish towel but was not going to let him get hurt.  

I just love watching dogs catch a scent; especially when it is windy out and they linger with their heads in the air until they locate it.  Once located they will either ignore it; scent further or sound off.  Wind brings with it, much information.  Imagine if we could smell what our dogs can?  We are mere humans so we cannot; so my dogs let me know.