For or against, and grey stuff.

                                                                         Life is a tug of war. 

I have run into people who want to know "for or against?"  Funny how issues can be created into two sides; and you are expected to take one.  With  many issues in life there are more than two sides to the story.  Others may have a clearer one sided stance and there is no budging from it.  For those things with a clouded middle area, it can get complicated if you can only think in the 'for or against' scenario.  Discussions with those who can only see one side or the other can get heated as you cross into the cloudy zone. 

What am I talking about?  Anything and everything really.  Take vaccines for instance, "for or against?"  Dog food/real food?  Organic/non organic?  Educating/allowing a dog to live without rules?  Conventional medicine/holistic?  Decisions, decisions, it is what life is all about isn't it?  Heck even that question is a decision.  When I talk to people and try to give my opinion on things it often ventures into the cloudy zone; the fine tuned decisions that one can make.  There are always things that make a difference, small options to take when you form or stand by your opinion.

Life is a never ending evolution of oneself.  I am not the person I was thirty years ago.  This is because we are constantly given more information; learning, being educated by experience.  Throughout our life we will be offered new facts and ideas; what you do with those are completely and entirely your decision.  You can take new information and ponder it or toss it out; never giving it any chance to assist in your evolution.   If you shut yourself off; take a stand on one side of an opinion, vowing to never waver then you are closing off options and sadly your evolution will be slow or nil. 

For some things in life there is only two sides; going into a grey area is not an option.  Typically these are things that are detrimental to life itself.  These should be steadfast and unshakable. But for most other issues in life; there are the "what ifs?"  Those questions that can lead us down multiple paths of  further questions and concerns.  Are you one to take given information and cement yourself in with it?  Or do you question, delve and research?  Are you constantly seeking better, more, defined?  Ask me a question and you could be unraveling a whole bucket load of grey stuff.  Questions?  Always.