Finally it is here!!!!

For many years I have been working on a new puppy training book.  Over the years it has evolved a great deal; things I wanted to include in a 'first' how to book changed.  What I wanted to give new puppy owners is a book of answers to the most common questions I received while working with my clients and their puppies.  For many new puppy guardians, taking the step into the dog world is confusing.  My book clears much of the confusion up and gives a precise way to deal with many of the issues that your puppy will throw at you. 

Having worked with so many new puppy guardians and understanding their need for quick answers; the book is written to deliver this.  Each chapter starts with a quickie version; for those times when you need an answer and need it fast.  Then each quickie version is followed up with a longer, full explanation.  There is far more to getting a puppy than just paying for them and bringing them home.  Educating and guiding them through the first weeks and months is so important in how they deal with the rest of their life; your life together. 

I love to write and I love to help others to better understand how to coexist with their dog in a more harmonious way.  After all this world of ours is geared around humans; it is up to us to teach our dogs how to live in it so that they can thrive and enjoy.  I am very excited to have completed this first step dog book; now onto the next.  Enjoy!