Sleeping with dogs

Reasons why you SHOULD sleep with your dog.

Elsa this morning, making getting up a tough decision.

1.  The first and most important reason to sleep with your dog is that dogs naturally sleep with their pack.  No, you don't have to have them in your bed but they should be in your room.

2.  It is a great bonding time.

3.  Sleeping alone, away from the pack is sad for a dog.   They need to be with a pack member.

4.  Often the act of having your dog sleep in your bedroom with you says a lot about your relationship.

5.  They are snuggly to sleep with.

6.  It can be a time to build the who's who in your relationship.

7.  Some dogs should  never sleep on your bed but they should still sleep in your room. 

As we get older, the important things in life sometimes become clearer.  Sometimes because it doesn't always happen with everyone.  A close relationship with your dog is one of those things.  As the relationship grows so does the amazingness.  Dogs sleep together with their pack; just lie down anywhere on the floor and see what happens. 

Of course there are times when your dog/dogs cannot sleep in your room.  You may have too many dogs, be a really light sleeper or some other reason.   But if at all possible, before you close your bedroom door at night, make sure your pooch in there with you.