Weekend grooming

Saturday morning I decided that it was grooming day.  Having helped a friend with home grooming earlier in the week, I felt inspired.  I decided to take some of Luke's coat off first as it is easier for him if he has less hair to wash and dry.  So with my 3/4" blade I took off some bulk.  I considered what order I wanted to groom.  Bathe both dogs, dry and then groom?  Or bathe Elsa, get her done and then do Luke.  Hmmmmmm? 

First I wanted to get my equipment out and would then decide on order.  I ran downstairs to grab my dryer and a couple of towels when I spotted the bone sheet.  I had completely forgotten that I'd taken bones out the day before and planned on doing bones.  I thought for a moment and realized that it was stupid to do bath day before bone day.  So I grabbed the bone sheet, dryer and towels and head outside.  Elsa is so unbelievably smart that I confused her by what was in my hands.  She knows what the dryer means and backed away but then she saw the bone sheet.  Luke was spinning around because he saw the bone sheet and didn't care about the dryer; even though he always runs away when it is dry time.  Elsa was puzzled, she stood far away and watched. 
I put the dryer down around the corner and left it there.  Then prepared the bone area; Elsa knew then that it was bone time and forgot about the dryer.  Even though both Luke and Elsa are very clean about their bone chewing; they of course get some stuff on them during the chew.  They had their bones and then it was into the shower for Elsa first.  I decided that I would bathe and groom her first and let Luke rest.  When it got warmer in the afternoon I'd attend to him.   Just a bath and dry and save the trimming for the next day.  Luke has a very difficult time standing now so he is groomed in bits and pieces so that he remains comfortable with it all.

Elsa is so good about having a bath.  She knows well before I tell her that it is bath time and sinks a bit.  She goes upstairs and all the way to the bathroom door before putting her brakes on.  Then she just needs a little shove to get her the rest of the way.  Into the shower we go; cotton balls placed into her ears to protect them from water and she has her shower.  Once she's done it's out to the balcony for a huge shake off; then downstairs and outside for a post bath zoom.  She has a bit of time to dry in the sun and finish up with my forced air dryer which makes trimming a whole lot easier.

She wasn't really long or unruly so it was a quick clean up for her.  I used my 3 3/4 blade, back and forth, back and forth until she resembled velvet.  I love the softness of her coat after a fresh trim.  She is like a giant plush teddy bear; and like a teddy bear, I could cuddle her all night long.  So Elsa was complete and looking beautiful, Luke's turn.

Luke had his bath; he is also very good and goes in without a fight.  A few brake moments but nothing big.  I have to say that it was sad soaking him down and seeing his small frame; he seems like a small dog now.  He has lost weight and his loss of muscle loss is a bit shocking; especially compared to Elsa who is so beefy and well muscled.  Luke also goes out to the balcony for his first shake off and towel rub down which I'm sure feels wonderful.  Then like Elsa he was set outside in the sun to start drying and the rest was done with my dryer.  

The rest of Luke's haircut was saved for Sunday.  Having a bath and being dried is big when you are a frail fourteen year old.  So on Sunday morning after Elsa and I returned from our walk it was time to shave Luke's body.  I knelt on the ground and he stood.  I wish I could lie Luke down on the table but he hates it so, he has to stand.  It didn't take long but long enough for an old man.  Back legs were done in the afternoon and the front legs will wait until this afternoon.  Then he will be done for another good long while.  He looks great and I know he feels great.