Working out with your dog

Elsa is sure that it is playtime.

I have two blogs; my Lifting for Life and my Just dogs with Sherri one.  Today I covered both topics in one blog.   This morning I decided to skip the gym and workout at home; which meant getting my dogs or dog involved.  Elsa thinks the whole idea of working out is great fun.  Luke on the other hand is more of a spectator; although he occasionally gets off the couch to see what I am doing on the floor.  My girl Tilley who is now gone, use to lay across my chest if I got on the floor to do leg raises.

Trying to force a toss.

When it doesn't work, she tries playing with my gloved hand.

I started my workout with leg raises and moved onto squats and lunges with a 25lb. dumbell.  I wear my gloves when I do any sort of lifting and Elsa thinks that my gloves are pretty great.  She loves to nibble on them and considers it free for all wrestling match time when I don my gloves.  

As soon as I get onto the floor she runs for her ball.  While I am stationary on the floor, she thinks that it is a great time for ball games.  Heck, my hand is right there for the plunking and it has a glove on for extra games.  When I do not respond to her ball placements; that is when the gnawing of my hand begins.  She is sure that my working out is some sort of game and she wants to be involved.

Trying to drop the ball on my face.  I'll sure throw it if she drops it there right?  

Dropped beside me as I do my planks.

Heading up the stairs where Elsa awaits. 

Waiting to attack me. 

Then it was onto the stairs.  I lunge up two steps at a time; again this is pretty great fun as far as Elsa is concerned.  She waits at the top to attack me each time; then runs back down the stairs with me and we do it all over again.  She is great motivation and keeps me laughing through my workout.  She stays with me the whole time I run up and down the stairs, great work out for her too.

Luke watching the shenanigans of Elsa. 

After my "at home" workout, Elsa and I hit the park for a power run and walk.  If you don't want to go to a gym, you don't have to.  With a few pieces of inexpensive equipment, you can work out at home.  The bonus is that you can workout alongside your dog.