A dog's wish list

                            Give your dog you for Christmas. 

What do our dogs want for Christmas?  Do you put out a stocking for your dog?  Is there wrapped gifts sitting under the tree until the big day for your dog?   There are at my house, both Luke and Elsa will unwrap gifts along with Penny and Luna.  But what if there was a way to ask our dogs what they'd like for Christmas?  What would they want?  Being that each dog is an individual; I'm sure that you would get a plethora of replies.  But I think the most wanted thing for Christmas would be our time. 

My husband and I spent the day cooking and baking yesterday; Luke and Elsa moved around different locations to be with us.  They went from the lounge just outside of the kitchen door; to standing staring at us, lying on the carpet runners, then lying on the bed in the kitchen so they could be with us.  No matter where you go, your dog would love to go as well.  Do you give your dog enough of your time?  I think time is one of the greatest gifts you can give to both dogs and humans. 

Time is an amazing gift because it can come in so many forms.  It does not have to be a monumental show or action; it can be a quiet moment spent together enjoying time itself.  One of my favorite things to do with my dogs is sit; the time spent together just enjoying a moment.  Of course I also love going for walks, training, playing and everything else having to do with spending time with them. 

Time is a wonderful gift when given with just our dog in mind.  Planning a play date, hitting the park for some much loved running and/or retrieving, going to the beach strictly so that they can get their toes in the sand or simply doing what they want to do.  Dogs don't need much; their wants are much smaller in proportion than our own.  If we could ask them what they'd like for Christmas, I am sure that many would say time.  In these days of little time; time itself can be the most wonderful thing to give our dogs.