Five words - who is your dog?

              Five words is tough, but a picture is worth a thousand.  At the park with Elsa yesterday. 

If I asked you to describe your dog to me in just five words, could you?  Only five single words, could you give me a good idea of who your dog is?  I thought about this for a long time myself and considered what words would best describe Luke and Elsa so that you could really get an idea of who they are.  Of course those of you who are on my Facebook groups or instagram, probably already have a idea because you see them constantly.  ;)

Luke - Funny, focused, devoted, emotional and heart.

Dogs change throughout their life, much like we do.  As they age they often mellow.  Five years ago I might have changed a word or two for Luke.  Things that use to be important to him are no longer a concern; he enjoys the simple things in life, like we all should.  When you look through the eyes of an old dog; life becomes quite clear. 

Elsa - Enthusiastic, intense, brainiac, loving, joy

Elsa has been Elsa since the moment we met.  She came out of her crate at the airport ready to take on the world with an exuberance for life that is amazing.  I sat and looked at the five words for a long time; changed a few and stared some more.

It is not always easy to describe something with just a few words.  Sadly I know some people couldn't come up with even one as their dog is simply that, a dog.  But when you have 'that' connection; the kind that we can all achieve with our dog, you can do it.  It might take a bit to think of only five words; it is hard sifting through all the words that could describe your dog.  I could go on forever about both Luke and Elsa; both are very individual and distinct. 

All dogs are individual, how many times have I said this over the years in my blogs?  As a whole dogs are simple yet complicated.  Once you know how dog's think, it becomes simple to figure them out.  Although the deeper you get with your dog the more complications you find.  Complications come with their individuality; they are all extremely interesting creatures.

Tell me who your dog is, only five words.