Little furry humans?

In the raw and gorgeous

Nope, our dogs are not little furry humans but many people sure treat them as such.  Dressing them up and creating the idea that their dog actually talks seems to be all the rage.  There are advertisements and movies that feature talking dogs.  I am not a fan of talking dogs or having dogs dressed up.  It is my opinion that dogs are amazing as dogs and I do not feel that they need to be transformed or thought of like us to be any more wonderful than they already are.  I want to know more about dogs as dogs; their behavior and everything about them fascinates me.

Social media seems to have transformed many canines into little talking furry humans.  So why is it that we feel we need to give our dogs a human voice?  Dogs can talk, but it is not like we humans do; the have their own language and it is quite fascinating if you take the time to learn about it.  They can communicate far better than we can in many circumstances and have the ability to tell it like it is.  They most definitely do not need us putting words in their mouth.

What about fashion?  Those who dress their dogs as little furry humans.  Nope, dogs don't need a wardrobe.  Although I do believe that they need clothing when they are cold or to protect them from the elements.  Luke has a pair of pajamas that he wears when the tempts drop down low overnight.  Yes, it is our job to make sure that they are warm and comfortable; but dressed when they go out for the sake of fashion?  No. 

Humans seem to enjoy creating a human like image on many different animals, not only dogs.  I don't get the need to dress dogs like humans.  I adore dogs as dogs and don't think they need to resemble us at all to make them any more appealing.  Many of the smallest of breeds and mixes are the ones who get dressed most often.  Is this because we see them as adorable tiny little things made even cuter by dressing them up? 

BBC article - Why humans dress up their dogs.

I feel the same when it comes to photography; I like dogs in the raw.  I do not use gimmicks, accessories or props when shooting dogs.  They are amazing in their own right without anything man made added.  As far as talking?  No, I am not a fan of "talking dogs" for the simple fact that they do not talk as a human.  They talk dog and it is nothing like the way we talk, so let's allow them to be a dog and we can adore them as such.