Perfect? None of us.

Have you made a mistake or two in your life?  If you are a normal human, you probably have made more than a few.  I know I have.  Looking back at my life and some of the mistakes I've made causes me to shake my head in amazement.  What was I thinking?   Would I make those same mistakes again?  Heck no, I'll make new ones.  :)  Mistakes are lessons, but that does not mean that everyone will learn from their mistakes or own them.  Plus, there are those who don't see their mistakes as mistakes, so those folks will never learn.

Our dogs make mistakes regularly, just like us.  They are given reactions to their actions and like us; some will learn, others will not.  Dogs use feedback to learn; it is all about association.  Jump up onto the counter and grab some turkey while no one is watching, score.  Lesson learned.  Do it and receive an serious HEYYYY!!!!! and learn what the mistake was.  But then you must go further in the education of counters and seem to be absent; hiding around a corner and then deliver feedback when your dog thinks that the coast is clear.  Dogs learn much more easily than we do and they don't point fingers.

I blog, post and write; I share my opinion on many things canine and more.  This of course opens up the chance for people to dive on me, point fingers and pull out their soap boxes to declare me wrong.  That is fine, I have my opinion and you all have yours.  What bothers me is when people go on the attack.  They read or see something they don't like or don't agree with and go off the deep end about it.  I have learned to let those folks rant, arm flail, name call and throw a fit all on their own.  I will only reply to these sort if they personally attack me, my friends or family.  (That includes my wonderful FB groups)  Typically these folks show their true colors all on their own and people others will sidestep around them from that point on. 

I know when I am contacted by someone who is "one of these" I will end it short or cut off contact immediately. Know it all folks are always behind attacks on others.  So there is no point in trying to discuss anything with a no it all; because they already know everything and cannot learn one minute new piece of information.  Everyone makes mistakes; what you do with that mistake is the important part. 

Dogs make mistakes like us, but they forgive both other dogs and us for making them and move on.  Why do some people like to focus on other's mistakes?  They grab them and make a run for it without considering that everyone makes mistakes throughout their life?  All they know is that they are going to right the world. 

Mistakes are lessons, that is if you learn from them.  We all make them and if you think that you don't, that my friend is a mistake. 

Life is an evolution of oneself, through life lessons and yes, mistakes.