Enjoying his walk before it's buggy time.  

Yesterday we had a wonderful walk in our unseasonably cool temperatures.  We took both Luke and Elsa and the buggy.  Luke did really great, he probably walked 3/4 around the park before I decided that he'd had enough and got him into his buggy.  The sign I watch for is when his back legs start giving out or he slows to almost a stop.  That is when it's time for him to get into his buggy and ride.  As we rounded the parking area several people were watching us.  I could see the questions on their face as we got closer.  "Is your dog okay, or does he just like to ride?" One guy asked. 

I'm use to the questioning looks and being asked so I gave my customary response.  "He's old and can only walk a little way, then he rides" I told them while still walking.  It is so funny how people's perception changes in an instant.  It goes from "what the heck?" to "awwwwwwww."  We do have a tendency to jump pretty quick to an opinion of things, don't we?

About a week ago a nice couple passed by and stated "well, that's the lazy man's way to go."  I jumped on this one right away; although I don't care what people think, I'm always up to educate the uneducated.  :)  Anyhoo I said "NO... he's old and can't walk far."  Immediately their perception changed from one of a spoiled rotten, very lazy dog to an old man being cared for.  

I'm very used to people having the wrong perception of my dogs; heck I have poodles, you know those fluffy dogs that are just all beauty?  Hahhahahahahaha, got ya didn't I?  Well, many people think of poodles that way and again, I really don't care.  It keeps poodles down in numbers and that is just fine with me. 

Perception is a funny thing; we humans tend to jump to our preconceived ideas very quickly.  We like to forgo the benefit of the doubt and assume, we are all guilty of assumption.  If I can share and change one persons mind about caring for an old dog; I am more than happy to share Luke's buggy with them.  So far people have loved seeing Luke in his buggy; when they know that he is old and can't walk far, they seem to melt and soften.  

I am always up for questions as most of you know.  Ask and I will usually answer.  As far as Luke goes in his buggy, ask away.  ;)