Shades of Amber

I have to admit that I love amber (semi precious gemstone).  It is the natural aspect of it that is amazing.  Fossilized tree resin, pretty cool.  This blog has nothing to do with actual amber but watching these three play made me think of it and all of the glorious shades that can be found.

A pile of amber, dive in.

Elsa was so very excited to have her friends over; she didn't know who to play with first.

Elsa giving Lucy a chomp with Yogi coming up in the rear for his own chomp.  Lucy and Elsa get along great and play well but.  Lucy likes it a bit calmer but Yogi on the other hand. is all in.  

I just thought this was gorgeous with both Lucy and Yogi's tail plumes.  Elsa's tip can be seen in the back. 

I just love this "slice of life" image. 

Lucy was a bit jealous of Elsa and Yogi's play; after all he's still pretty new and very handsome. 

So much attention for a little man.  (Yogi is 7 months old.)

Making sure everyone knows who Yogi belongs to. 

Love Lucy's expression, she is just the sweetest Golden.  

Happy, maybe just a little. 

This photo sums up Lucy's personality.  She spotted me on the ground with my camera and came running.  

Picture perfect.  

Yes, they are BFFs.

Such a handsome little devil, who knows it.  

Girls seeking attention.  

And that's a wrap.  Resting once again on Mom's lap.  Yes, very much still a baby.