Sneak peek - And Back Again

Elsa wanting to go out and play but it was pouring.  Taken in Connecticut.  

My second novel "And Back Again" will be available this weekend, stay tuned.  Here is a sneak peek.  

After prying Elsa away from her new friend, we had a wonderful walk in the snow. It was quiet, the sort of quiet that only a fresh thick layer of snow gives you as it muffles the noise all around. We walked along a creek and Luke got to be off leash for a bit. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to let Elsa off being that I didn’t know who else might have been around a corner. I always choose to be more cautious rather than have a problem. After we got deeper into the woods she got to be off for a few moments; long enough to snorfle around at the edge of the creek, returning to us covered in leaves and other stuff. She was going to need a brushing for sure. Her puppy coat was glorious, but it was long and a lot of work to keep it looking beautiful.

Elsa waited patiently as I got Luke safely into the car. He was already starting to have problems with this task. He needed help so that he did not fall while trying to jump. I’d trained him to place his front feet up in the back of the SUV and then I would lift him the rest of the way. Having an older or handicapped dog jump up and miss the mark can have catastrophic results, so he’d already gotten used to being hoisted. They both had a small drink of water, as is customary after each walk, and we were on our way home.

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