Destination anticipation

No more anticipation, destination reached; played with some dogs and met a horse, time to go home. 

I asked Elsa if she would like to go in the car (truck)?  She started to spin immediately; I don't really have to ask her, I know what the answer is already.  Of course she wants to go in the car.  Going in the car almost always leads to something good.  We were headed to the airport; Elsa and I were on our way to pick up my hubby.  I put her traveling harness on and hooked her up in the back seat of the truck.  Once we make the turn to get on the freeway she starts to get antsy.  She's not sure where we are going.

Elsa knows where her parks are and you don't get to them on the freeway.  She starts to pant, just a little at first; but then speeds up, shallow and fast.  It is her nerves, she's anxious, not crazy anxious, just a little. She's a need to know kind of gal, much like myself.   I remain calm, chatting away to her as I always do.  When we get about 30 seconds from picking Elsa's Dad up I let her know "we have to find Daddy."  Immediately her ears are up and she gets her search face on.  She is seriously looking for him.  As we pull up to the curb I let her know "there he is."  Her ears drop instantly and her tail starts.  She's found him, this was the mission.  She gives him lots of full teeth grins, wags like crazy and is then calm for the ride home.

Imagine if someone put you in a car, but you had no idea where you were going.  Weird eh?  Just think about it.  Lots of dogs are just happy to be in the car; they don't care where they are going or what they might be doing.  Not Elsa, she's a thinker and as such she likes to know.

Yesterday we were back in the truck, this time with her Dad.  Once again we pulled onto the freeway and the panting began.  No one else would probably notice it but I do, she's antsy.  "Where are we going" is what her back and forth searching says.  She knows somewhere new as soon as we make a turn where she has never been before.  When we finally get out, look around, visit or go for a walk; then everything changes, she's calm.  The ride home is always much more relaxed. 

When we do head out somewhere that Elsa recognizes, you can tell that too.  She definitely has a favorite park and when I make the turn that means we are going to "that" park she starts her chimpanzee talk.  She paces and yaks away excitedly until we get there.  Once we are there, she's calm. 

All dogs display how they are feeling through body language.  Some are easy reads, others are more stoic and subdued. Elsa is very demonstrative, she is extremely animated.  Nothing gets passed her and she is constantly watching as we drive; always searching for clues to our destination. 

Elsa has crossed the country, and back again.  She has taken some other big road trips and is out pretty much daily.  Still, every time she gets into the car; the search begins, looking for clues.  Not until we get to our destination or she recognizes our destination does she relax.  I love to watch her as she figures it out.  It doesn't take long for her to become familiar with a favorite route.  But every time we hit the freeway; the panting and pacing begins.  She's never sure where the freeway will take her.  Destination anticipation.