Moving and muscle

The more muscle, the easier it is to move.  

Dirt makes great traction.

Puppies should not be on a slippery surface.  Every once in a while is one thing but on a day to day they should not be.  Why?  Because they don't have the muscle to protect their joints from damage.  Wolf puppies are raised in the wild which means dirt; dirt has good traction for little toes.  When I watch videos of puppies crawling around on a slippery surface; looking very much like little seals, I shudder.  Muscle is important!

Puppies don't have enough built up muscle to protect their joints from the injury of slipping and sliding.  Even adult dogs should not be on slippery surfaces when being very active.  How many people slip and pull ACL, MCL or some other injury?  When playing you should choose a non slip surface.  Leg injuries suck.

When you have a litter of puppies or your very own little puppy, keep them on non slip.  Not everything smooth is slippery.  Different surfaces have a range of slip risks.  But if your puppies are slipping and sliding, get some carpet, fake grass or whatever for them to be running around on.  By giving them a traction capable surface you are helping them to build muscle.  Muscle that will protect their little joints.  I am a huge muscle fan, both for dogs and humans.

I hate to see dogs with no muscle.  It can mean two things, they have little muscle genetically or they don't move enough.  Even when a dog is not given a lot of muscle genetically; you can build a lot just by exercise and feeding good food.  Elsa is very muscled which makes me very happy.  She is well protected from injury and as she ages and naturally loses muscle, she has lots to spare. 

Everyone needs  muscle, even our dogs and especially our puppies.  Joints on their own are only so good, they need muscle built around them for protection.  If you have a puppy or a litter of puppies, get some traction under them.  A few steps here and there on a slippery surface is okay but no playing on a slippery surface.  Get them outside in the dirt, there is lots of traction there.  Traction helps to build muscle. 

For the adult dog/dogs in your life?  Get some muscle on that dog to help protect their joints.  

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