Space and human manners

Reaching for the button that opens the garage door; Elsa immediately comes to my side.  She knows that the door does not open unless I have a hold of her.  She makes me smile each time she rushes to my side, waiting for that door to open.  I grab hold of her harness and push the button.  Right outside the door is the driveway and then the road.  There could be any number of things out there; safety is my first concern.  We have neighborhood cats and should one be walking across the street when that door opens; I have no doubt that Elsa would be in hot pursuit. 

We were heading out in my hubby's truck last week.  As we exited the garage I saw a familiar woman and her dog coming down the street.  I got Elsa in the truck and was hooking her up when I heard from behind me "watch out, dog behind you."   I stopped what I was doing and turned around to see the dogs face by my leg.  Really?  I shot a glare at the woman and she continued on.  In my own driveway, while I was busy doing something; she thought is was necessary for her dog to come and say hi?

I do not intrude into other's space.  I truly do not understand what drives people to allow their dog to go to the end of the extension leash; up into my yard and see what I am doing.  Rules and boundaries are called for here. 

Another day, I was coming out my front door to run an errand. As I stepped out my door I was greeted by a yellow lab.  I very quickly closed the door behind me and locked it.  The guy, the owner was standing on my walkway while his dog perused my yard.   I stood looking at the dog and the owner until they got the "message." 

Space people, space. 

Yesterday I was out at Home Depot.  As I was putting my purchase in the truck I noticed a dog across the way.  I called out to the lady, asking if her dog was a poodle or doodle.  It was in fact a 3/4 x 1/4 sheepadoodle apparently.  She looked young and I asked if she was friendly.  The woman said "oh yes" and as I moved toward her the dog clearly said "no."  The dog's whole body went down and she reached out to have a quick sniff and move away.  I gave the dog space, we chatted a bit and they went on their way.  The dog needed space; either the owner didn't know or didn't care.  But she clearly needed and deserved it. 

It is completely rude and foolish to allow your dog to interrupt someone's day to day without asking or being invited.  Of course I love dogs, HELLO.  But just because I love dogs does not mean that I want someone else's dog on top of me when I am busy doing something.  Same goes for our dogs, give them the space that they require. I just don't get it. 

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