Park escapades - control

We were having a nice conversation, making our way around the park on a glorious sunny morning.  Elsa and I, Hank and his Mom were enjoying our morning walk.  I'd already spotted a Chihuahua type dog with a young girl on the other side of the park; I'm a scanner and always like to know who's around, I don't like surprises.  I kept a close eye on their location.  I don't like to see children with dogs out in public with no adults anywhere to be seen.  I know too well that children do not always control dogs well and have witnessed many dogs running lose with their child running after them.  So I watched them.

As we got closer, sure enough the little dog freed itself from the little girl and came charging.  As it got closer I could see that it's hair was up and hear the growling.  Many things happened in a split second.  I called out to the girl "no, grab your dog," as she did not see that this was going to be an issue.  She was walking nonchalantly until I yelled at her to grab her dog.  I pulled Elsa back behind me, preparing to grab the dog before it launched it's attack on her.  My eyes never left the little dog; Elsa was on her leash so I wasn't worried about what she was doing.  Although if the dog did launch an attack it would not be good.  Elsa is not a fan of little dogs who have that small dog syndrome and was more than ready to protect us both.  But it was my job to protect her so I step out in front.

Luckily the little dog grew a little wary as it approached Elsa's friend Hank.  The little girl dove on her dog at the exact last minute.  Elsa was in defense mode, she's been lunged at and attacked by little dogs so she's always ready for them.  It was by no means a friendly dog running up and she knew it.  The little girl picked up her dog and joined her friends again.  I love seeing kids in the park playing but if the dog is coming, then a parent should have been there in control. 

As we walked by them again I said "hold onto your dog tightly" as her dog was in her arms at the time.  I could see the leash laying on the ground beside her.  Sad that the parents had put the children in this predicament by not thinking.  Had the little dog ran up on a much larger dog who's owner was not in control or a dog that was not friendly off leash, the little dog could have been severely injured.  This is not something any child should have to deal with.

Situations like this are all about control.  The little girls who were enjoying the park on their razors; should not have had the little dog with them.  If a parent had been with them, then sure.  But there was no parent with them, so no control.  When a dog is charging your dog, all you can do is try to control them.  They see the danger coming and react appropriately.  

I clearly saw a harness as the little dog got closer to us.  That is where I was going to grab if it got close enough.  Elsa was reined right in and slightly behind me so that I could grab it before it grabbed her a visa versa 

This would have all been different if a parent had done their job.