Yogi, Lucy and Elsa

Yogi, checking out Elsa's bone.  She chewed it for a long while so it has blood on it.  

Lucy communicating to Yogi that she would like the bone. 

Yogi, ignoring Lucy's request.

Attention diverted.

Always, always watching everything. 

Having fun just running around.
Elsa is never far from a ball.
Love this expression on Elsa's face.  Yogi has Elsa's favorite rubber type ball.
She is all about getting her ball back, but she is very patient.

Yogi is oblivious to Elsa's master plan.

Here he finally realizes what she is after.

Lucy decides that she needs the ball.  This is Lucy's favorite ball at my house; it has jingle bells in it.

Watching her push her face against Yogi was very interesting.  It was more like she was just pushing her weight around but he wasn't caving.


Trying out the toy football.

I love these three images.  Elsa and Yogi's tails are held in the exact same position.

After the ball.

Yogi is such a happy guy,

and handsome too.

Lucy having a turn with the ball. 

She has a different favorite than Elsa; which is good because she actually gets to catch it then.