A dog by my side

I spent the afternoon in the kitchen; I love nothing more than donning my apron when the clouds finally open up.  With a full view of the blustery weather outside; Elsa and I prepare for a day of baking.  I made an orange pound cake along with cookies for Elsa.  Elsa's cookies are far more nutritious than the cake and something that she can munch on anytime.  

With the classical music playing, the gusts whipping up outdoor wind chime music and the rain pouring down; it was like a Norman Rockwell painting.  Life, filled with small moments; a dog by my side is how I like to spend my time and today was just that (like most every other day).  A day spent enjoying the little things, together.  Moments like today are often the best; there are no expectations from either Elsa nor I.  Time like these are important in the canine/human connection.  Life cannot always be about chasing a ball, training or competitive expectations. The quiet moments shared between canine and human; when no spoken words can be heard, can be the most memorable.

When you share a silent moment, hour or day with a dog by your side; you realize that there is much more to life.  These are the moments that we need to live, savor and remember.  Putting these moments into the memory bank for later.  

Wolves evolved into our constant companion.  How lucky are we to walk through our lives with a dog by our side?