Breeding dogs

"I just want to have one litter."  "I would love a baby from her/him."  "I want my kids to see puppies being born and raised."  Hmmmmmmm.  So many reasons why people want to have puppies.  Having puppies is a big deal; with an extremely high level of quality commitment needed.  A few questions to consider:

Are you willing to get all the health tests required on the breeding parents?

Are you willing to get all the vet checks and extra nutrition requirements met before, during and after the puppies arrive?

Do you know the genetic history behind your dog?  This is an important one, just because your dog seems healthy does not mean that they will produce healthy puppies if they have unhealthy dogs in their lines. 

Are you giving perspective puppy buyers a health guarantee?

Will you temperament test your puppies and place them with the family best suited for them; giving them the best chance at a happy life?

Will you turn people away who want a puppy that should not have a puppy?

Will you do extensive screening on would be puppy buyers?

Do you have a waiting list for these puppies?

Will you take back any of your puppies at any age if something goes wrong in their new homes?

Will you keep your male or female safe from breeding randomly?

Does the dog that you are intending to breed have an exemplary temperament that people would want in their own dog?

Will you be there to support the questions and needs of your new puppy buyers? 

Are you willing to do early socializing and learn how and why it is done? 

Are you willing to give up much of your time to create a safe and enriching 8-10 weeks for your puppies?

Will you make sure to research how to best feed your dogs and puppies for optimal nutrition?

Will you take your dogs and puppies to the vet for health checks? 

If you cannot answer 100% yes on 100% of these questions then do not even consider breeding your dog.  Breeding dogs is not a flippant fun thing to do; there are too many dogs in shelters and rescue already, you don't need to create any more. 

I have had dogs for almost 40 and been extensively involved in the world of dogs in some form or another, and have no intention of breeding dogs.  

If you are considering breeding your dog, ask yourself these questions.  Then think more, research and think some more before hand.  Don't wait until the deed is done to have the realization that you have bitten off more than you can chew.  Do not be the person who adds to problem.