Just Elsa

It's been three weeks since Timber joined our family and I'm sure that many of you are wondering where all the photos, posts and blogs are.  Tomorrow will be a week since he went back to the breeder.  I feel obliged to let you all know what happened and why he is no longer with us.  I have had much to deal with and have appreciated your patience.  

A couple of days after Timber joined us I realized that he may not be a good match for Elsa.  I wanted to be sure before making a very big decision so we spend the rest of the week together.  After that I knew and contacted the breeder.  Being a good breeder, she would take him back.  Between the breeder and I we decided that it would be best for him if he stayed with me in CA a little longer; in attempts to find him a home here so that he would not have to go back on a plane.  After another week went by, and he had to go back to AZ.  

Sometimes it just is not a match.  I am not looking for feedback or opinions on what happened.  Waiting for several months to see if it works out was not acceptable in my opinion.  It is not fair to a puppy to try to place him months down the road; whereas at 10 weeks is a simple transition.  He received a great deal of care, socialization and love while he was with us for the short time.  Timber is a wonderful puppy and will be going to his new home tomorrow to begin his training to be a service dog; which I feel is his destiny in life.  I know he will succeed. 

When you have dogs together that mesh so well, it is hard not to want that.  Another dog in our family is not only to be a companion for us but greatly for Elsa as well.  A new puppy deserves that as does Elsa.  There will be another, but when the time is right.