Variety is the spice...

I am always talking about the importance of variety in the food we eat and give our dogs.  I don't care how great a dog food or even real food is, you should eat a variety.  The more variety that we offer our dogs; the more they are able to eat a wide variety without upset.  Variety also offers more nutrients, as long as you are feeding nutritious food. 

                    No, Elsa did not get any coffee, that's mine.  :)

Today started out as a big variety food day for Elsa.  So, I thought I'd give you a rundown on what she's eaten thus far.  

She started her morning sharing blueberry muffins  with me that I made yesterday.  (recipe will be in my new book).

Then she had a few parmesan cookies (which will also be in my book).

Next Elsa and her Dad head out for a huge run.  Once back it is cool down time for about an hour before anymore food.

Chopped blueberries which have to be hidden in the food.  Elsa is not a big fruit eater.

Fried egg cooked in coconut oil, just like her Dads.  

For breakfast she had a fried egg, chopped organic blueberries, meatloaf (turkey, cod, cabbage, oatmeal, carrot and egg shell) that I made yesterday; with kefir on top.  Quite the combination, but she loved it.

She will have more of my homemade cookies this afternoon and it will be a beef and quinoa dinner tonight.  

Variety is the spice of life.