A half of a year

Elsa in a quiet moment.

I cannot believe that it has been one half of a year already.  Today marks a half year of our life without Luke; it doesn't seem possible that it has been so long already.  It really feels like only yesterday that he left us.  But as time has passed it has softened the blow; it is true about time and how it is needed to heal.  I am often called to help those who cannot seem to deal with a loss and the bottom line is always time; that and moving on, as we must. 

My husband and I were talking about Luke over the weekend, as we often do.  We talked about another, that we do indeed need to add to our family.  Together we also came to a very clear realization; that this time alone with Elsa has been good.  It has given us some one on one before we add #2.  Much time at the end of Luke's life was focused on him, as it should be.  Of course I spent a great deal of time with Elsa as well but when you care for a very old dog there is a great deal of focus on them. 

This time with Elsa has been all about Elsa.   I did not have this one on one with any of my other dogs after the death of another.  It has been a learning experience, like everything else in life.  Elsa has changed in these 6 months; she had to like us, she has adjusted to life without Luke.  She has done well and is doing just fine now; but she needs a companion in the form of a canine.  Elsa does very well with puppies and brings them into her circle quickly.  There will be one in the not so far future.  But for now Elsa is getting out and about and dealing with life as Elsa, only Elsa. 

Not a day goes by without my mind going to Luke at some point.  His loss still brings a tear to my eye but it is only one that can be brushed away and followed by a smile.  A dog like Luke creates such a void when they are gone; he was an amazing and very special dog who I still cannot believe is gone.  Luke was a life altering dog; he changed my life forever and for that he is always with me.  Death does not remove love; you can never stop loving such a dog.   

We carry that love with us and onto the next.  We must go on and that is what we are doing.