Actions speak volumes over words.

Penny, very happy that Grandma came for a visit; and that's the truth. 

Have you ever run into someone who says one thing and does something altogether different?  Probably, because there are a lot of people out there like this.   They talk a good talk but they don't walk the walk.  You can say anything you want but if you never follow through or do as you say then your talk is nothing.  In every aspect of life you may come across those who say the words you want to hear but fail to act out those words. 

This whole "mean what you say" stuff involves our dogs as well.  Do you do what you say?  Do you follow through with what you tell your dog?  Do  you enforce things that you have asked your dog to do?  Or do you say one thing and mean another?  Dogs get this and they know who walks the walk.  Don't kid yourself, if you are a pushover then your dog knows this fact about you. 

Enforcing is very important; many people consider it to be mean or bossy.  But if you ask your dog to do something and then do not enforce it; how do they know when they must really do what you ask?  What if an emergency came up and you very desperately needed them to do something?  Then what?  When I ask for something to be done, it must be done.  I don't care how silly or useless it seems, if I have asked I will enforce.  It means when you say something and your dog gives you the finger; that you don't just shrug and walk away.   Of course a dog must clearly understand what you are asking before you can enforce anything.

The same goes for things that we tell our dogs.  Many people use words to get their dogs to do behaviors that they have failed to train. Often these words are just that, empty words which our dogs quickly learn to ignore.  NEVER lie to your dog.  Don't say to them "want to go for a car ride?"  If you are not taking them in the car.  Do not ask them if they "want a cookie," just to get a cute head turning video and no cookie.  Lying to your dog is detrimental to a solid trust between you and your dog. 

Dogs talk the talk and walk the walk.  They do not lie.  A human will tell you that they are trustworthy and ethical and then their actions may say the opposite.  A dog will never say one thing and have the truth be something different. 

Mean what you say and say what you mean.  Anything else is just a waste of time for everyone involved.