Somebody's watching me

Elsa keeping a very close eye on Mom.
As I drifted off to sleep last night Elsa sighed and rested her head on my calf.  I smiled, as we then drifted off together.  My last thoughts were that we are physically connected often throughout the day and night.  Elsa is a touchy feely kind of girl and now that she is without her Luke, all that need goes to the rest of us.  Not only does she need to touch a lot but she always knows where we are.  She is always watching. 

All dogs are different, that is most definitely a fact.  There are dogs who don't care where you are in your day to day but they are the minority.  Most are by your side, wherever you may be.  Elsa is most definitely a by my side girl; and I have not yet achieved a sneak away moment.  She has a heightened awareness of my movements and does not miss any attempts at change.  I cannot even move my computer chair without her getting prepared to go wherever I am going.  Although she has just recently been leaving me and for a moment or two to check things out.  That is if she thinks that I will stay where I am until she gets back.  If I happen to move while she is away, I can hear her charge through the house like a maniac until she locates me once again. 

We are a pack and packs do things together.  If Elsa happens to sneak off to check out a lizard or watch a cat out the window it is because she is very aware of where I am.  Typically she leaves me at the computer or in front of the television; because she knows that there is a good chance I'll be there a while.  If I am moving about she will not leave my side; I am not settled and she will have to search for me when she comes back. 

Yesterday on Elsa's first trip outside she got stuck on scenting.  Obviously there had been critters in the yard overnight.  I decided to leave her out there and go get dressed for the gym.  Only seconds after heading upstairs I heard the thunderous charge of her feet coming up.  She hadn't noticed me go inside and was not happy that she lost my whereabouts.  As soon as she realizes that I have changed location, her head drops to the ground to find me.  Tilley was the exact same as far as scenting over visually searching for me.  It is pretty cool.  She can find my fresh footprints in our own house which is filled with my smells. 

Side by side we go through our day.  When I go out, she waits patiently for my return.  She does not get into anything, she just quietly waits for me to get back home.  Elsa has always been like this.  I clearly remember leaving her the run of the house for the very first time when we were in Connecticut.  I turned and locked the front door behind me as she watched from inside.  The whole front of the house was windows, including the door so I could see her as I pulled out of the driveway. 

When I returned home an hour or two later, there she was.  At five months old she was sound asleep where I'd left her.  She awoke when I put the key in the door and we had our little greeting.  It has remained unaltered to this day. 

I never had to look far, she is always by my side or closer.