Common sense and respect

Common sense - Common sense is a basic ability to perceive, understand, and judge things, which is shared by ("common to") nearly all people, and can be reasonably expected of nearly all people without any need for debate.

Unfortunately I do not see a lot of common sense these days.  Humans often leave me shaking my head for the lack of any sense at all.  Have we gone so far that we are losing the basics of common sense?  The loss of common sense mixed with a lack of respect for others is what I am seeing out in the world.  Just yesterday as we were leaving the park; a woman had a big lab off leash using her chuck it.  Of course I took the time to watch as Elsa was having her post workout drink of water.  As another woman rounded the corner with her two Boston Terriers on extension leashes, the Lab took note.  The owner of the Lab called to it and made a mad dash in attempts of grabbing her.  She obviously knew (had a preexisting knowledge) that the lab was not coming but running for the dogs. She dove for her dog and grabbed the collar as the dog tried to veer out of arms reach.  She hooked the dog up and then let the dog go once again as the Boston terrier lady quickened her step to stay out of bolting range..  

Common sense should tell us not to let our dogs off leash when they do not come when called.  This and respect for others should tell us to keep our dog on a leash; or wait until you have the park to yourself.  But it doesn't, so many people have lost their sense of common sense.  

When I am walking on a path with Elsa, we typically step off when people are jogging by, have strollers or little ones.  I consider this to be common sense.  Not everyone wants a dog 2" away from them.  But this is also respect; common sense mixed with respect.  I don't know how many times I have to make a huge circle around people with their dogs on the en of extension leashes.  FIFTEEN feet away from the owner and free to tangle whomever they like.  Not cool.  COMMON SENSE people.  Fine if you are out in a field with no one around but not in a public place.  As far as I am concerned those freaking leashes should all be in the garbage.

What about those who completely ignore body language?  Common sense should tell you that when someone looks away and moves away from you that they do not want to interact, right?  But yet people still advance with determination.  Mind boggling.  

Should common sense not tell people to leave their dogs at home when it is hot out?  The moment they lock the car door with their dog in it; common sense does not kick in?  The thought never occurs to them that maybe it might be hot in the car?  No common sense. 

Common sense can stop accidents but if there is no common sense, then what?  Walking a dog down a busy street without a leash is just stupid and common senseless.  Giving your dogs items to chew or eat that are choking size is done thoughtlessly and without common sense.  Allowing your dog to approach every dog you see without asking?  Not smart.  I knew a little dog who's owner allowed this and the last time I saw them the little dog was minus an ear.  Very sad.  Accidents happen, yes, but many could be avoided by simply using common sense.  

Where has common sense gone?